Yes, I'm in love, admits Sidharth Malhotra!

Yes, I'm in love, admits Sidharth Malhotra!
While the gossip mill has been abuzz for some time now, Sidharth Malhotra has always kept his so-called relationship with Alia Bhatt under the wraps. But, Sidharth has finally accepted to being in love and also got frank about his love life and relationships recently. 
During an interview with a famous tabloid when asked if he is in love, Sidharth confessed, “Yes, I’m in love.”
Sidharth also opened up on what kind of a person he is when in love and disclosed, “Passionate, obsessive and very attached. There are a few people I get attached to in my life and when I do, I get very sensitive. I have bad ways of communicating. I communicate indirectly. Maybe through some actions, gestures. I won’t be saying yes or no directly at times. If I’m left alone with that person, I will truly show my best and worst side.  That’s what I believe true love should be like. You cannot put up a front of being this perfect guy always, helping out, understanding all the time. You should show your good side and the dark side, too. Because that’s what I believe life is about.”
But, refraining from giving out any name, the actor when asked who is he in love with laughed and told, “What? I am a narcissistic actor so I’ll say, with, myself. I am a megalomaniac.”
In the meantime, alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt has also admitted to being in love during a latest interview and disclosed that she would want to be proposed to on the sets.


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