Sonali Bendre opens about her 23-24 inches scar post her cancer surgery!

Sonali Bendre opens about her 23-24 inches scar post her cancer surgery!
Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with cancer in 2018. Her life took a drastic turn once she was diagnosed with cancer. Luckily, the cancer was detected at an earlier stage and it was cured in due course. But, the period from diagnosis to cure was very difficult for Sonali Bendre and her family. Being a cancer survivor, her outlook towards life has changed drastically post this upsetting experience. She has learnt a lot of lessons too, from this experience of hers, like she has from other every experience.
In a latest media chat, Sonali Bendre revealed, “What Goldie and me say is BC and AC which is before cancer and after cancer. You go through something and you learn some lessons. And, if you have not learnt them, then it’s really sad. I think there were a couple of lessons from it. The point is reminding each other that it’s not the goal, but the process and the journey that’s important.”
Sonali Bendre shared that witnessing changes in her appearance post her cancer diagnosis was a difficult phase in her life. She emphasized that now she is just thankful that she has come out as a survivor. Sonali shared that the surgery in New York left her with a 23-24 inch scar across her body. Also, she told that she was instructed by her doctors to start walking as soon as possible. She further added that the doctors were concerned about her catching an infection that would be resistant to antibiotics and hence, she was told to leave the hospital as soon as possible.
Sonali Bendre was strongminded to get well soon. She put in an effort to walk despite the 23-24 inch scar that made it difficult for her to walk. She revealed, “Post surgery, my surgeon was like I want you walking in 24 hours. In 24 hours, I was holding my IV and walking in the corridor. It was hard because I had a cut which is 23-24 inches,”.
After winning battle with cancer, the Sarfarosh actress has now returned to work. Her next project is a show titled The Broken News that premieres on an OTT platform.


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